Below you’ll find the stories that have flown the coop of my document folder after being taken in by some very hospitable magazines.kimmy gif 1

First Date


Discount Ceremony

The Melamorphosis

The Woman on the Couch

The Woman on the Couch (audio)

The Sunniest Spot on all of Earth

Movie Night


8 Ball


The Humpback’s Wardrobe

The Humpback’s Wardrobe (audio)

The Sister

The Vent Person

The Edge of the Universe


The Pink Mailbox and Cough

Jane Untitled

Spillable Substance


Mr. Biggs

Meg’s Tattoo

To Blend at Night

The Dressing Garden

Lila and the Box


7 thoughts on “Stories

  1. I just read ‘The Woman on the Couch’. I really enjoyed it, such an interesting idea. I laughed at the sentence in the first paragraph about his father’s viagra. Looking forward to reading some more of your work too.

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