news and a couple things I like

Hello! An e-hand shake and maybe even an e-gentle pat on the shoulder to you. I’ve had this site for a bit but haven’t posted any blog content and the home page was looking sad so I figured it might be time to buckle down and blerg. As far as news goes, it is kind of premature news, but oh well; I have a few short stories set to be published and available to read over the next few months (update 7/8–links to these have been posted on the “published stories” page, which I will continue to update with new stories coming out). The acceptances have me feeling very encouraged and externally validated.Miranda July

Also, Miranda July’s new book and first novel, “The First Bad Man,” came out on Tuesday and It has been predictably awesome so far. I am consistently amazed by how original and just plain brilliant her writing is sentence by sentence. If you are unfamiliar with July, she does a lot of different art things (film, performance art, writing, etc) and is an altogether inspiring human being. Her book of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You, is one of the most important books of my life, acting as both a close friend and a giant, couldn’t-fit-inside-the-grand-canyon inspiration.

essieThe movie I am obsessing over at the moment is The Babadook, a psychological horror flick by writer and director Jennifer Kent. Essie Davis, who I don’t think I’ve seen before, stars and gives a mind-blowing performance as Amelia, a haunted single mother with insomnia whose child begins to fear a monster called the babadook is lurking in the house. The shots are wonderfully moody and atmospheric, and the focus on Amelia’s harrowed psyche is fascinating. I’m looking forward to watching it many more times.

And I think that shall do it for this here blog post. I know there isn’t any proper way to end these but it feels like I need some kind of snappy sign-off. Maybe some kind of tie-in with the website title? Like, ‘til’ next time the frog smirks’ or something. Sure, that will do for now…

til’ next time the frog smirks,